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Couple interlocking fingers with wedding bands

The  benefits of a DIY wedding

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At Bridgewood  Events you can personalize your wedding day and make it uniquely yours. Most couples don't want to settle for a cookie cutter wedding. Here at Bridgewood we pride ourselves on being the opposite of a wedding factory that dictates your food, drinks, DJ, flowers ets. We are the do-it-yourself venue who offers you the flexibility to select the vendors you want.

The number one advantage of DIY is the ability to customize your special day. Whether you want filet mignon or tacos, colorful or off white tablecloths etc. - you are in charge (as you should be!)

The second most valuable aspect of DIY is cost

Unlike many all-inclusive venues, we have a simple flat rate and offer a list of items to add if you like. No hidden fees. No mystery here. By doing a little leg work, you control your costs, and the day can look like you spent thousands more.


It's easier than you think!

There are countless local caterers, photographers, and party supply rental companies to choose from. We have worked with several and we are more than happy to give you a recommendation if you need one.

If you are looking for an all inclusive venue that does everything for you ...

And money is no object... Then Bridgewood  is probably not for you. We pride ourselves in providing couples with a beautiful backdrop to your amazing day at a realistic price.

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